23.02.17. Smile ! You are on Miss Ferling !
Who are we ?

The brand MISS FERLING is owned by FERLING LTD, a French company, registered in Paris and managed by its founder.

Created in 2001, FERLING is at first a marketing, communication & design agency specialized in the world of beauty. 2006 sees the launching of Baume des Tigresses, a hand cream, and starts the founder in a new direction.

In a joyful and feminine atmosphere, our products are easily recognizable by their colorful design, different claims, and humorous names – signature of the “French touch”.

At first , the products have an upbeat and humorous appearance. But theses exclusive skin

care products, blending nature and technology (ingredients, formulation), are very unique thanks to their delicious textures, delicate fragrances, and great results, achieved without damage to the skin.

The brand has a dual structure, offering on the one hand “designed for the purse” products, which are convenient, adapted to travel and easily accessible; and on the other hand, expert face care products. They all carry the light-hearted spirit while supporting the made-in-France label.

Miss Ferling is a skin care brand sold via a selective distribution process in high-end boutiques and department stores, luxury nail bars and, a choice of beauty salons and perfumeries.

Miss Ferling brings a smile to women’s faces, first when they discover the products, then when they appreciate the results on the skin !

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