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My philosophy applied to my products


My philosophy applied to my products

The Miss Ferling brand was born somewhat by chance, evolving from the Baume des Tigresses (Balm of Tigresses), a product I launched as an exercise in style, to demonstrate it was possible to combine poetic style, efficient care, original design and upbeat humor at a time when no such thing was done… I put in that creation ideas and convictions that had been mine ever since I began working in this area of the cosmetics field – forever, so to speak. (A bit of trivia: I created in 2001 my small marketing, strategy & design company – Ferling- entirely dedicated to cosmetics.)

With my products I aim to speak to the intelligence and sensitivity of women while offering them a chance to lighten up in a world that is rough for them. Advertised – without any hint of aggressivity – as the “care for hands and nails that allows to survive in the urban jungle”, the Baume des Tigresses (Balm of Tigresses) speaks to women and of women who must remain standing and ready to fight in their daily lives. This tone, asserted in my first creation, continues to be present in all subsequent products.

I like to provoke a smile with my accompanying descriptions, somewhat refined and whimsical, to offer a delightful, perfumed interlude, a respite from our daily lives, just for ourselves, and permission to be real girls who like pink and dainty things. The brand is definitely feminine, rather than naively girly.


My products are humorous and unconventional (or so I hope…) as to their appearance and positioning, but decisively solid as to their content (and of that I am sure!). Beyond the infatuation with the wrapping, the name or promises, I offer chemical textures that combine sophisticated technology, botanics, safety and efficiency – as naturally as possible. The custom-made formulas developed in partnership with my good-luck formula expert have never contained petrochemicals or silicones. And for the past few years they also have been paraben-free.

As for the promises I make, I manage to stay faithful to my values and to offer products I believe in. I want to avoid over-promising, looking at beauty from the angle of possible problems, or developing formulas containing ingredients I deem insufficiently known. I aim to achieve a balance between good spirits, care products very pleasant to the skin, noticeable efficiency and promises kept.

Hoping to seduce the friendly tigress dormant within you.