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Mademoiselle Parfumette, the fragrance soul of all our products


Mademoiselle Parfumette, the fragrance soul of all our products

Mélanie Leroux, a.k.a Mademoiselle Parfumette, conceived all the fragrances that have delighted my loyal customers since she signed on with the refined marshmallow flower of the Baume des Tigresses (Balm of Tigresses), the founding product of my Miss Ferling brand.

After studies in chemistry, the ISIPCA and fifteen years working in a perfume creation company, Mélanie chooses to become independent and founds her creation workshop in 2010 – Mademoiselle Parfumette. The first perfumer she worked with gave her this affectionate nickname, and she will keep it in memory of her happy formative years.

She approaches each new project as a unique adventure, a new story to tell. Mademoiselle Parfumette has succeeded in creating, all along the development of my products, the unique fragrance signature of Miss Ferling, as if reinterpreting musical parts played many times before.


I invite you to carefully breathe in the perfume of my products and guess what notes she helped me transcribe on my site. You will then understand how unique, exclusive her creations are, and how, always accompanied by a little joyful music, they attract a loyal following to my brand.

I hope you will become as much of a fan as I am of this not so traditional fragrance signature.

[The tigress is generous. If you just want one perfume for yourself or your brand, contact Mélanie Leroux.].