23.02.17. Smile ! You are on Miss Ferling !
Made in France

mif1The values of the brand


I am trying to build with sincerity a line of products developed in accordance with my values.

My products are created with the goal of bringing a daily smile and a light touch in women’s not-so-easy daily lives. We aim to keep the same attitude in the human interactions encountered from the beginning to the end of the chain of production. This philosophy is reflected in the respect we show the consumer and all the service providers involved in the development of a product.

Made in FranceThe made-in-France – wit and results!


The made-in-France is part of the founding values and the commitments of the brand.

At first sight, you recognize the stylish, creative and somewhat Parisian hand of Miss Ferling. And if the French chic is indeed present and easily noticeable, the made-in-France itself remains a more elusive notion.

Beyond the light-hearted quality of the brand, what this creation label means to me is a real commitment and a cause worth “fighting for”. The made-in-France is an economic reality that is translated into jobs, very specific skills, and a welcome guarantee of quality.

INNOVATION – My products are conceived and developed in an independent lab in the heart of Paris (not in a factory!) where each formula is carefully worked out until the desired result is obtained. My talented formula specialist leaves her unique signature on each product.

PASSION – My perfumes have always been developed exclusively by Mademoiselle Parfumette, who created the scent signature of Miss Ferling. Her creations are then produced in Grasse.


COMMITMENT – For containers, I give priority as much as possible to small French (if not European) businesses that are flexible and responsive. It is a real pleasure to work with teams of people who are readily accessible, goal-oriented and help advance the brand. The boxes are made and printed in France.


LOYALTY – The care products are developed and manufactured in France. I am loyal to a manufacturing company where all teams work very hard to turn out results everybody can be proud of. It is not always an easy task (see for instance the spots in the Dalmatian Balm, which dissolve when massaged on the skin, yet must withstand the rough mixing process without disintegrating; or the delicate conditionings that must be obtained…)


FRIENDLINESS – The merchandise is stocked in Le Perche, two hours away from Paris. There two persons work themselves to death shipping packages to multiple stores, and making sure they meet rigorous deadlines.


More than the notion of France, it is respect I value most, and the pleasure of making works of beauty with people who have skills, passion, ambition… Cosmetics is not just a frivolous thing!


Formula charter

Respect for the consumer shows from the very start, in the choices we make for the formula. It continues with our price ranges, carefully calculated to be fair and reasonable.


CHOICE OF INGREDIENTS – Our lab specialists do their best to use natural ingredients and tested active ingredients derived from plants. Our care products are not “organic” – our choice – but can honestly claim to be “very natural”. They do not contain silicon or by-products from the petrochemical industry, ever. Each ingredient is useful. For instance, the oily parts of my skin care products always come from nature (esters, oils, waxes…).


SENSIBLE DOSAGE – Active chemical ingredients are used in efficiency tests so as to maximize efficiency in the final product. Synthetic ingredients are then incorporated, as sparingly as possible, and only if they are absolutely necessary to the formula. None are toxic.

GENEROSITY – I admit it, I do not hesitate to use an abundance of costly ingredients in the formulas. Together with the lab specialists, we aim at surprising with the efficiency and the feel of the products, and that requires expensive materials. The results and overall feel take precedence over saving money. The rich quality of the materials is not balanced out by rich profit margins!


PLEASANT SCENTS – The delicate perfumes must vanish on the skin or barely leave a faint memory behind. We also carefully check the tastes of lip balms.


TESTING AND OBSERVING – Naturally we follow all legal provisions regarding the warranty, safety of use, and toxicology of our products, as well as the validity of our claims by conducting efficiency tests. But I also listen to feedback from customers, salespersons on the field, bloggers…


mif7French touch, pronounce “French style” please.


The brand asserts its objective in the slogan “Skin care and happiness for true girls”, in obvious or more subtle ways. When I speak of real girls, I think above all of our daily lives as women!


INSPIRATION AND CREATIVE PROCESS – I imagined my first skin care products as fashion accessories. The themes are often inspired by textile prints, or atmospheres I like.  Many elements are drawn by hand to affirm their difference and the “creative” touch of the brand.


JOYFUL ATMOSPHERE – I want my products to give at first glance the impression of something different and colorful. It is possible to present sound products in attractive and alluring containers.


A TOUCH OF SOPHISTICATION – A product must convey something beyond its name, its design, and objective. It could be a wink to fashion (The ribbon of satin), an invitation to dream (L’Envolée belle), a humorous promise (Mona Lisa’s mile).


PRACTICAL CONTAINERS – I wanted my first products to be easy to carry in a purse, then in a travel bag. Today the focus is on developing face care products meant to be used in small quantities but coming in more ample-sized containers. I keep imagining slightly different ways to use a product.


The tigress attitude is a bit of all that!