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The Neat Roll-on


Les filles en fleurs - Le réveil joyeuxThe neat roll-on
The 100% made-in-France eye contour decongest accessory

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The neat roll-on
The 100% made in France eye contour decongesting accessory 

Suivez-moi jeune homme en quelques mots

In a few words

 Revitalized and refreshed eye contour

With this Roll-on, the eye contour benefits from the relieving contact of the stainless steel and from the stimulation of the acupressure  points massage. This one-of-a-kind accessory allows an optimal rolling movement, enabling the ball to retain its cool touch a long time. Its removable ball ensures exceptional  neatness.

This beneficial routine makes it possible to wake up the puffed up eye contour in the morning, to enjoy a short relaxing break on a trip, at the office, or when you’re feeling your eyesight is getting worse (a sign of fatigue).

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How this product is different

The Neat Roll-on has many advantages…

Its relieving action lasts longer than that of a roll-on attached to a tube. It is easily cooled off  while being used when placed under cold running water . It can be used with (or without) a favorite product such as Rose & its Astonishing Fluid. In which case, you can avoid smudging the product  with the germs of impurities from the skin: the steel ball of this beautifying implement is easily detached from its handle and can be thoroughly cleaned.

One will appreciate its very French design: the handle was made from a 3D printer not far from Paris, our boxes are made in Provence, the flyer is printed in France, the stainless steel ball is French also. Only the (very useful) small organza bag comes from Poland. The sturdy and neutral quality of all components allow it to last a long time with proper care.

Suivez-moi jeune homme - Les bons conseils et astuces de Mamie Ferling

Granny Ferling’s smart tips & tricks

The massage technique 

Upon acquiring your first Neat Roll-on, you discover in the accompanying flyer the eye contour massage technique to use for best results. If you are good with your hands, I would recommend you buy a second Roll-on right away, so as to massage your two eye contours at the same time.

If you are interested in acupressure, you can of course use this accessory to stimulate other points in the face (if only your temples when you have a headache).

Ask your beautician for advice to learn all the Neat-Roll-on tricks.

Suivez-moi Jeune Homme - Les détails pratiques

Practical details

5cm long accessory (perfectly lengthening the hand reach), in a small organza bag, in a box with an accompanying flyer to be retained (for information on massage technique and upkeep advice).

The stainless steel   ball is removed with a quick downward flick of the wrist. The Neat Roll-on can be cleaned with soap and is easily disinfected.


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