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Baguette Magique


A Prince Charming Trap Fragrance
Heart Catcher Magic Wand


crapaudHere is a quite original fragrance, leaving in its wake a burst and trail of fine silver glitter. Such a poetic experience in a no longer dull day!

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Baguette Magique

A Prince Charming Trap Fragrance
Heart Catcher Magic Wand


In a few words

Besides the promise to catch Prince Charming and the present of a magic wand easily fitting in your purse and always within reach, this product, with one sweep of the hand, leaves a light fragrant veil and a shower of pretty, very real silver glitter on the skin. After unfastening the (nickel free) medal to wear it with a ribbon, you can enhance your cleavage with the jewel, the sweet fragrance and the glitter.

A bonus feature: this brilliant crayon enhances, brightens and perfumes tattoos!

Chemical & botanical ingredients

The base ingredient has a solid perfume that remains in its waxy texture and stays on the surface of the skin. That is why the wand does not contain any actives. We wanted it to be filled with an abundance of very fine and very bright silver glitter for enhancing the skin and just for pure enjoyment.

The base diffuses a clean and slightly sweet green almond blossom fragrance. The dominant almond, underscored by sour bergamot, goes on to reveal a core of water jasmine, orange blossom and heliotrope, polished with a very clean white musk and enlivened with a hint of tonka and sweet vanilla.

Smart tips & tricks

• This wand allows to travel light (without escaping), to refresh your perfume throughout the day, or even to try combinations with your favorite fragrance. It is a practical product! And, it has been reported, a few Prince Charmings have been caught in its trap…
• The effect on tattoos is insane. The glitter enlivens dull colors and gives them incredible brilliance.

Practical details

3g wax stick with glitter (keep sharp with a cosmetic pencil-sharpener), enameled medal without nickel.


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