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Face care products : for whom? Why?

Choisir son soin : Capucine & son eau des beaux jours

A universal water if used properly, i.e. just once a day, in Winter as in Summer. Alcohol-free, perfect for all ages, it’s the water for a lifetime!

Ideal  for grimy skins (in the cities), for those with stains (ingrained melanin), those with imperfections (often young skins), those with a cloudy complexion (often, but not only smokers’),  “unmanageable” skins (unexpected dry patches, unexplained sebum rashes, appearance of blackheads)….

It refreshes tired skins, smooths out patchy complexions, improves the grain of the skin, (making it softer), attracts the light, purifies the skin.

To the friends who use the beauty blender and other accessories to help apply a makeup chock-full of pigments: you are sure, the day after, to appreciate this water which penetrates the pores in depth. It should free them from the impurities that stick to the skin.

Smart tips / Must-know

The user will often experience enhanced micro-circulation – pink cheeks – but with no stinging ever!

Use a cotton pad to cleanse your skin moving in a way that increases the effect “here come fresh new cells”: 1/ I apply by patting down 2/ I remove  dead cells with the pad in a comma shaped motion.

Pay particular attention to the problem zones and never forget the neck! If you have small pimples, be sure to apply to the root of the hair, on zone T… Same treatment for stains, and be persistent.

Choisir son soin : Églantine et son fluide étonnant

This care product transforms the skin in 21 days, at any age and in any season.  To be used every day, or as part of a treatment (it is even better when used  in combination with and before Capucine & its Sweet Days Water )

Light and non-greasy, this emulsion-serum is suitable for all types of skin, taking into account the season and the use. Depending on the skin type, its needs for moisture, the season (temperature), and the age, the fluid is handled like a serum, either before the day cream, or as a day cream.

It has a 99% effect on the quality of the skin – understand that it targets all the defects visible in the mirror in the morning, except for wrinkles: stains, dull complexion, rough patches, dark circles and pockets under the eyes, lifeless appearance.

Guaranteed to improve the appearance with a nice and pulpous skin even before makeup.

Smart tips / Must know

Its texture allows a worry-free massage of the eyelids to wake up the eye contours.

If you have melanin stains, reapply diligently at night on the stains. If you keep at it, the effect will be visible after 3 weeks (provided you stay out of the sun, of course).

Crème Compter Fleurettes

For skins yearning for hydration, light and softness. There is no age to want these promises, right?

Its excellent hydration bringing out a silky touch agrees with all skins. If the skin is starved for nutrients, or super dry, we recommend going straight to the Marshmallow Flower Cream.

Not greasy and with a silky finish, the skin is ready for makeup. It can be used just as well at night. One should notice if and when the skin is thirsty and decide how often to apply (morning and/or night).

It stimulates cell renewal thanks to its AHA which improve the grain of the skin. Perfect for the brightness, the softness and purity of the skin, as well as for fighting the signs of aging. Micro-peeling is the enemy of imperfections, dry patches and small wrinkles!

Smart tips / Must know

No worry about the AHA from flowers, they also contain soothing ingredients. Efficacy with a gentle touch!

Chock-full of moisture, the skin becomes more pulpous and soft.

It is noticeable for its very smooth finish, even when chock-full of moisture. It has a unique feel.

Gelée Eau de Bleuet Moussante

A nice and clean skin and a 100% good finish, at any age, even without makeup. The hydrolipidic film on the skin likes it, and the skin will reward you by never feeling tight while appearing nice and bright.

It cleanses, washes and purifies the skin, and its finish should get special mention. After a cleansing with this lathering gel, one appreciates a comfortable and silky skin as never before.

Since it is imperative to go to bed with a clean skin, this gel is appropriate for night-time use.

No need to use it the morning after, in most cases. And if you use Capucine & her Sweet days Water, you will have the added bonus of a deep cleansing of the pores (thanks to the AHA it contains).

Its softening and soothing ingredients ensure that cleansing does equate stripping!

Smart tips / Must know

The lather is thick (and yummy unctuous…) in small doses. No need to use huge quantities on a pre-dampened face.

It works well on thick makeup, but better use an oil-based cleanser for waterproof mascara. It would be no match for it.

Cœur de Guimauve

A real promise of a soothing experience, in Summer or Winter, for skins which are uncomfortable, over-sensitive, too fine, too dry (even at predictable times). It will probably cross your path some day!

Perfect for nutrient-deficient, dry, aged or “English” (even young) skins, which over react to the first cold spell, to overly aggressive air-conditioning, to unchecked sun exposure…

Everybody will appreciate the presence of an anti-wrinkle active.

Its three competitive soothing ingredients start working instantly. The immediate effect (not on wrinkles, but on feelings of discomfort and excessive dryness) has been reported many times.

Smart tips / must know

To be applied in small doses, except if used as a remedial mask on a damaged area (a sun-burn on the nose, for instance).

Its use should be modified in accordance with the needs of the skin. In Bali, it is appropriate to use it every night. In Moscow, it is an indispensible friend to help face the Winter morning and night. In a very polluted city, the use goes beyond the season routine.

Can be used in worry-free combination with Capucine & her Sweet Days Water or Rose & its Astonishing Fluid.



After a day spent running around between home, downtown, the office, or after a night of partying, you may feel that your skin has become an air filter for the last hours, if not days.

After close examination, the conclusion is hardly encouraging: sebum all over, black heads, cloudy complexion, signs of fatigue. A perfect timing for this mask!

With its absorbent powders, the No Complex Complexion Mask gently rids the skin of what smothers it and gives it radiance and liveliness to boot.

The application is very quick, in 3 minutes you gain the benefits of a purifying mask. To further stimulate the skin, just wet your hands and abundantly massage the mask, which then turns into a cream of clay. It’s like a spa in your own home!

After a quick rinse which leaves no residue, the skin appears purified, toned, with a finer texture. A delicious moment of relaxation for you to enjoy.

Smart tips / Must know

You can apply this mask after using the Smooth Moss Scrub, but it is optional.

Do not use it everyday. It is part of a weekly beauty routine!

After you use the mask, your skin is silky and does not feel tight. But a small dollop of Loving Flowers Cream, a good moisturizer, will make the radiance last longer without burdening the skin.


When you feel you and your skin are at cross purposes (lousy complexion, exhausted looks, dry patches out of control, and even pimples that seem to want to come out and say hello) nothing is better than a gentle exfoliation to start again on the right foot!

Its texture, reminding of whipped  egg whites, is applied like a mask on a damp skin, then turns into a very fine exfoliating lather which you will like to massage on your skin.

It rids the skin of what smothers it, while bringing the sensation of “a breath of fresh air”. After rinsing, you discover an ultra-soft skin, dazzling with liveliness,  and a fresh and luminous complexion.

A complete care in itself, this product includes two complementary, gentle exfoliating actions (enzymatic and dynamic). It is a joy to use.

Smart tips / must know

Do not believe for a minute that this beauty routine is only for young, oily or pimple-riddled skins! Not at all.  Purifying, stimulating, yet soothing , it is in most cases beneficial to all skins, even mature ones. It automatically frees up fresh cells, cleanses the skin, softens, enlivens, and in short order satisfies the least patient users.

However bear in mind it is not to be used daily. Once a week is largely sufficient. Over-stimulation brings fatigue, you see.

Exfoliation (not overly aggressive) is a simple beauty routine not to be overlooked as the months and years go by…