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Loving Flowers Cream



Water Loves me…


Eau à la Folie

Perfectly moisturized, the skin recovers its velvety feel and its plump and radiant look. This cream brings new sensations with its ultra-fresh, ideal moisturization and its astonishing finish.

Loving Flowers Cream
Face care cream


In a few words

“Loving Flowers Cream” is named after the active botanical ingredients in it, making possible a new way of moisturizing the skin. Thanks to its innovative galenic texture the cream turns from unctuous to melting, creating the delectable feeling of a dewy and very soft skin. In a perfect combination of emollience, hydration and radiance, the unbelievable freshness is felt and seen. The plump and radiant skin invites a caress.

Chemical and botanical ingredients

Loaded with technical and active plants, its formula delivers all their virtues in a light texture. The complexion is radiant thanks to a combination of three flowers triggering cell renewal and elimination of dead cells. Peony and violet create a “peaches and cream complexion”, while hydration is insured by hyaluronic acid boosted by a patented betaine. This ingredient also has soothing properties.

The formula is always very natural, paraben-free, silicon-free, and without petrochemicals.

Clever & useful tips

  • The velvety, slightly damp finish allows using this cream as a primer before applying makeup.
  • The product brings moisturization without any heavy or oily finish. It can be adopted at any age or in any season, and eventually combined with Rose & her Astonishing Fluid.
  • This cream is perfect in the morning for its radiance effect. An evening application will leave you bathed in soft and pleasant moisture.

Efficiency test

An efficiency test, conducted on a panel of users, has validated the claim of the moisturizing properties of this cream: moisturizing increased +77% in one hour.

Practical details

50 ml jar, spatula included, in a case.


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