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queueA tigress story


2006 – The founding product of the brand is the Baume des Tigresses (Balm for Tigresses). Launched as a challenge, this product right from the start lay down the values of the brand (and mine as well!), which then evolved into a consistent position.

This product required the choice of practical and adaptable packaging (especially designed to fit in a purse), a strict formulation commitment rich in sophisticated actives and with a generous dose of natural ingredients.  A few notes of its delightful fragrance are repeated in all the perfumes created subsequently.

With its light-hearted style, the Baume des Tigresses started a tradition of skincare products that are joyful, efficient, women friendly and intelligent in their own way. I hope my intention of addressing women with honesty is revealed in my line of products and in general in my communications with users.


2007 – Baume de Dalmatie, the white cream with black spots (still unique in the world as of this writing…) with its promise of silky paws, was only created to answer the demand of the market, which drove me to develop new products. After a feline product, here is a puppy love one!


2008 – A productive year with two new creations continuing the “tigress mood”. Bling-Bling with its playful gift of radiance, and the Pattes Arrières bringing refinement to the tip of the toes, are launched within a few months of each other.



2009 – The Envolée Belle pouch, a very practical kit “for a clean getaway”, and its accompanying Gel Envolée Belle, a glamorous biocide gel, are launched simultaneously but separately.

I then venture into the unknown and create a lip balm, Kiss me Sweet Mona, which promises to solve the riddle of the Mona Lisa’s smile.


2010 – A more quiet year follows, after so many investments…The Baume du Dodo is launched on the market despite all the warnings about its name from my friends and collaborators.  No one believes in it (apart from me). But this product, pyjamas for the lips, turned out to be a sound asset. Good product, good response, I guess…





2011 – This year sees the launching of two very different products. One is the romantic sounding Baguette Attrape-Coeurs (a sort of Heart Catching Magic Wand), a stick of solid glittery perfume and its accompanying pendant. The other is the Baume des Tigresses Bon Secours, remarkable for its moisturizing and super soothing efficiency. Both were designed for travelling light and worry-free enjoyment of the sun (The perfume of the Wand is alcohol-free, and Bon Secours will soothe the skin after over-exposure to the heat).


2012 – A big leap into the unknown is followed by the launching in quick succession of three delightful products, promising “a sensation of infinite powdery softness, a breath of perfumed radiance…” My poetic longings are given free reign in this line of products named Le Ciel en Soi.







2013 – The line is enriched with two soaps with equally poetic names: the Soap over the Clouds, a new version of the Savon de Marseille soap, and, for the happy few, the Cloud on a String Soap. The delicate fragrance of the line brings a very pleasant touch to these craftsman soaps.


2015 – The lip balm Ribbon of Satin, reactive to the pH of the user, is my first half-cosmetic, half-skin-care product. It evokes my love of fashion, more particularly of stylish accessories (whence its name).





The brand has reached adulthood! After ten years of efforts, launchings, relentless work, I have gained reassurance that, thanks to my valiant team – the Affix laboratory, Mademoiselle Parfumette, Mazurka, in charge of legal files – I offer quality formulas, gentle care products, positive results. After success with hand, feet, lips, and body care, it is high time to bring this expertise to face care products.

“BEAUTIES IN FLOWERS” is born, with a dual promise of “Happy Mornings”: Capucine & her Sweet Days Water and Rose & her Astonishing Fluid.

In the Fall comes the new segment “Water Loves Me” with Loving Flowers Cream.

The year ends with the launching of Blue Flowers Lathering Gel, a very mild cleansing cream fashioned from pretty blue flowers.  Two segments are lined up, promising to give back a healthy and lovely skin.

2017 – A third segment arrives as a complement to “Happy Mornings” and “Water loves me”. “Promises of Comfort” claims that with Marshmallow Flower Cream the skin will enjoy a gentle and soothing caress.

Soon after the Cream for Desperate Nails is launched, a product offered as a detox treatment for nails damaged by polish, detergents, or medicines.

The body care products have been abandoned for now.

2017 – The face care line is now organized in 3 segments. Dressed in pink, these products offer radiance and a beautiful skin. The ones in blue are playing with water as the one packed in a mauve box is recomforting skin stressed by the environment (pollution, weather…).