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A chemistry lab specialized in beauty


A chemistry lab specialized in beauty

All the cosmetic products of Miss Ferling are made in the AFFIX laboratory, dedicated exclusively to custom-made formulas. Created and run by Francine Vaution, this small lab, specialized in skin care products, is located in the heart of Paris, and is for me a fairy-tale workshop. It is a highly professional laboratory that caters to many upscale brands of products for skin cosmetics or the spa industry. I think we all value the skills and competency of this Doctor in Pharmacy who chose a different path! Her scientific mind is paired with a fearless creativity and a very unique talent for developing formulas.

For each new product, we go back to the drawing board. I start with crazy ideas, briefs that wander off the beaten track, playful notions, and a desire to be always different! And Francine always goes along, remembers a super-efficient active ingredient, suggests a texture she came up with, thinks of something different…One product leads to another, and soon, we are off and running, turning upside down my initial plans


From our exchange of ideas come out products that are different and which we like. Besides their “rock’n roll” style, and being conceived outside marketing studies and outside the mainstream, the results of countless ideas and many trials, these products push back some of the limits of science.

Pleasant surprises await, hidden in the lab jars… and in my products!

The tigress is generous. If you just want one product for yourself or your brand, contact Francine Vaution